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Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna was founded in 1982 in the USA. The provider is a global health insurance company that provides a range of health insurance plans and related insurance services. The following are key attributes and offerings of Cigna:

Health Insurance Plans

Cigna offers a variety of health insurance plans. The plans cover a range of medical expenses such as hospitalization, prescription drugs, and specialists. The coverage is dependent on the plan you decide on.

International Coverage

Cigna offers international health insurance plans for individuals who are living abroad. These plans provide comprehensive medical coverage, emergency assist, and access to a global network of healthcare providers. Cigna plans are designed to meet the unique needs of expatriates who may not be in the same location all the time.

Dental, vision, and supplementary Coverage

Cigna offers dental, vision, and supplementary coverage in addition to health insurance. You have the choice to include these in your coverage.

Customer Support and Services

Cigna provides a number of channels for individuals and policyholders to access information, seek assistance, and manage their insurance plans.

Cigna’s International Health Insurance Options

A table describing Cigna's international health insurance options.

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