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Expacare Health Insurance

Expacare is a specialist international health insurance provider that is focused on offering coverage to expatriates and international travelers. The provider was founded in 1983 in the United Kingdom. 

Key Attributes and Offerings of Expacare

International Coverage

Expacare offers health insurance plans that provide coverage across multiple countries, making it suitable for expatriates and frequent travelers who require medical protection while away from their home country.

Customizable Plans

Expacare provides a range of insurance plans that could be tailored to meet the specific requirements of policyholders. Including options for inpatient and outpatient treatment, maternity care, dental coverage, and more, the coverage depends on your plan.

Emergency Medical Assistance

Expacare has 24/7 emergency medical assistance services to help policyholders during medical emergencies, such as arranging medical evacuations or repatriation when needed.

Customer Support

Expacare provides customer support services to assist policyholders with any queries, policy management, or claims-related matters.


Expacare’s International Health Insurance Options

A table describing the different levels of Expacare's international health insurance option.

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