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Expatriate Group Insurance

The Expatriate Group was founded in 1997 and specializes in international health insurance for expats worldwide. The provider prides itself in being flexible to all expats’ needs.


Key attributes and offerings of Expatriate Group

International health insurance

Expatriate Group offers a variety of international health insurance plans that cover a range of medical expenses. The coverage includes hospital care, outpatient care, prescribed medicine, hospital treatment, and preventative care.

Flexible Plans

Expatriate Group has three different plans that offer a range of coverage. They plan to cater to different expats; some provide comprehensive coverage such as dental care while others are more basic coverage.

Emergency Assist

Expatriate Group offers 24-hour support via email, telephone, and online chat. The emergency team will provide multilingual support in any situation.

No Hospital Restrictions

The Expatriate Group doesn’t operate a compulsory hospital network. You can choose the clinic, hospital, doctor or medical facility you would like to receive the treatment you need.The provider allows you to choose public or private facilities.


Chronic and Terminal cover 

The Expatriate Group offers insurance for chronic and terminal conditions, ensuring any expats who require ongoing care and treatment will be able to get it.


Expatriate Group’s International Health Insurance Options

A table describing Expatriate Group's international health insurance options.

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