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What is expat health insurance?

Expat health insurance, also known as international health insurance for expatriates, is a type of medical insurance designed specifically for individuals who are living and working in a country other than their home country. It provides comprehensive health coverage to expatriates and their families while they are residing abroad.

Expat health insurance offers various benefits similar to regular health insurance plans, such as coverage for medical treatments, hospitalization, emergency services, prescription medications, and other healthcare services. The specific coverage and benefits can vary depending on the insurance provider and the chosen plan.

Key features of expat health insurance typically include:

Worldwide Coverage

Expatriate health insurance offers coverage both in the host country where the expat is living and in their home country. This ensures that they can receive medical care wherever they are.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Many expat health insurance policies include coverage for emergency medical evacuation, which is crucial in case the insured requires specialized treatment that is not available locally, and they need to be transported to another medical facility.

Repatriation of Remains

 In the unfortunate event of the insured’s death while living abroad, the policy may cover the cost of repatriating their remains to their home country.

Dental and Vision Coverage

Some expat health insurance plans offer optional coverage for dental and vision care services.

Maternity Coverage

Depending on the policy, coverage for maternity-related expenses may be included or offered as an add-on option.

Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Coverage may extend to both hospitalization (inpatient care) and visits to outpatient facilities or doctors.

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