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Why do Retirees Living Abroad Need International Health Insurance?

Retirees Living Abroad 

Whether you are going to retire in sunny South Africa, become an islander in Thailand, or live all year round in summer locations (must be nice), we will find the best health insurance for you.

As you know, being insured medically is a must because you are looking out for your future self, and it guarantees you access to quality medical care. This new chapter of your life is all about being as worry-free as possible, don’t let a medical emergency ruin it.

Let us give you the international health insurance insights you need so that the provider you choose will cater to your needs, taking into account your retirement location.

International health insurance

International health insurance can help international retireers: 

  • Providing coverage for a wide range of medical expenses, including routine care, emergency care, and prescription medications.
  • Offering access to a global network of healthcare providers.
  • Helping to navigate local healthcare systems.
  • Providing language support and assistance.
  • Offering peace of mind knowing that they are protected against unexpected medical expenses. 

Some Key considerations when deciding on an international Health Insurance Plan 


Coverage: Make sure the plan covers the types of care you are likely to need, such as routine checkups, prescription medications, and emergency care. 

Cost: International health insurance can be expensive, so it is important to find a plan that fits your budget. 

Deductible and copays: Understand the deductible and copays for the plan. This is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket before the insurance company starts paying. 

Waiting periods: Some plans have waiting periods before they start covering certain types of care. Make sure you understand the waiting periods for the plan you choose. 

Exclusions and limitations: Be aware of any exclusions and limitations in the plan. These are things that the plan will not cover. 

Customer service and claims process: Make sure the plan has good customer service and a clear claims process. This will be important if you need to use the insurance. 

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